Adasa offers Marketing, Graphic Design & Web Development services to clients worldwide since 2014. Adasa’s mission is to support small to midsize companies in optimizing their marketing efforts, for a fair price.
We work with a variety of clients, from legendary corporations to entrepreneurial organizations. Websites, digital newsletters, sales materials, we help you engage and increase your audience according to your business objectives. Interested what Adasa can do for your company? Contact us today

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Madelon van den Berg

Owner, Adasa

About the Owner

Savvy Digital Marketing Expert ● Human Centered Graphic Design ● Project Manager ● Creative Consultant

Adasa was founded by Madelon van den Berg, a digital native in the Netherlands with a passion for helping small business in their first marketing efforts. “After several years of experience at a large media company, I found that developing and executing digital marketing campaigns is what I love to do. Connecting the right people and getting the message across, as fast, practical & efficient as possible. With several small business owners in my family, I am aware of all the different parts of the business you have to keep track of. I am so happy I am able to help businesses around the world create an online identity and utilize their databases to increase their audience size or sales.”

Visit Madelon’s LinkedIn Profile for more detailed information on her past projects

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